I Want A DJ; But I’m Scared to Dance

Thinking of hiring a DJ for your wedding reception, but are concerned about your dance moves; you’ve come to the right place. Complete Weddings + Events has some tips for you:

Do an internet search for short videos on easy dance moves for you and your spouse-to-be. If you’re pressed for time, this may be all you need.

Find a studio and take dance lessons. This requires time and expense, but depending on the type of dancing you want to do; this can be worth it.

Dance as much as you can—at home. Try to link your “home dance” to other wedding preparations such as crossing off your to-do-list and getting ideas online and in books. (Dance with the vacuum cleaner if you need to!).

Go out with some friends who like to dance—to a “judgement free” place—to practice. No one has to know what you’re doing—but you.

Hire a reputable and experienced DJ from Complete Weddings + Events. We can’t emphasize this enough. Complete DJ’s are not just going to play music at your wedding; they are seasoned professionals who can run your reception (and will even dance and do other entertaining things!). And like a painter and their canvass, Complete DJ’s and their artistry will create a dance floor with everyone of all ages—up and off their seats!

Dance until you’re tired at your wedding—then—get back up and do it again!

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