Always With You: Your Wedding Gown Train

The Long and the Short of It

Wedding gown trains have long been a focal point for photographers in wedding photos.  They are always are with you at your wedding (unless it is detachable) and they command attention.  Some trains tumble down stairwells with intricate details; swirl beautifully in front of a wedding party; or are carried so tenderly by children or the wedding party.  They can add drama even if they aren’t many yards long.

Shall You Dance

A train of any length should be properly put up for dancing and being comfortable at your reception.  Your groom and guests hug and press against you at your wedding.  Stepping on the train can lead to tripping and excessive soiling.  Unless your train is detachable, something called a bustle can be added to the back your dress.  train bustle

It can consist of a combination of snaps, buttons, or ribbons to tuck your train in—up—and out of the way.  Sometimes, they have the added feature of seeming like you have changed into another dress (because they change the look of the back).  Holding your train on your arm for your entire wedding is an option, but bustles are a desirable (especially if your train is long and heavy).  If you are concerned with the whereabouts of your train at your wedding; ask for the advice of a qualified seamstress.

When your Veil is Your Train

Some brides opt for a longer veil instead of the (sometimes) heavier weight of fabric attached to the back of the dress.  It is especially desirable if your ceremony is somewhere that a very long train can be navigated.  It can be removed from the headpiece.  This can be a lovely look, but be aware—tulle is fragile and can rip easily.  Veils made of chiffon are a bit more durable, but a tulle veil is more common.  Veiling substituted for a train can be subject to blowing wind, so keep this in mind when choosing this lightweight option and for pictures.

Your Photographer’s Viewpoint

Complete Weddings + Events—has photographers who are skilled at getting the best possible angles of this beautiful part of your dress.  They can either assign someone from the wedding party to arrange your train, or they are skillful (and careful) at doing it themselves.  If you have concerns about getting the best possible shots of your train, don’t hesitate to ask.  Complete photographers have years of experience and creativity.  You will be in awe of your wedding gown train pictures!

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Bustle Photograph Source: Adobe Stock

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