Will Your Wedding Start Late?

How Late is Late?

Some weddings start later than the time printed on the invitations.  It could range from a few minutes, to an hour or more. What you may want to ask yourself: How important is it—that my wedding starts on time and how will it affect me and the rest of the day.  No one wants to be frustrated and angry during this time.

Late Wedding Starts Have Reasons

You may have been planning your wedding for months (or maybe even years); every detail reflects you and your fiance’s vision; and now that the day is here and much to your dismay—things are getting behind.  There are many reasons why weddings start late—for example:

Forgetting Where Things Are

We spend an estimated 1/4 of our lives looking for things.  There may be a chance that something gets misplaced before your wedding.

Late Planes, Trains, and Other Modes of Transportation

This is something you simply cannot plan for.


No matter how much technology we use to communicate; batteries go dead; online can go offline; and phones can “act out.”


From the parents of the bride and groom seeing their children embark on a new life, to people reliving their own weddings; tears can slow just about anything down.

Illness or Nervousness

This can happen to anyone involved in your wedding. (This includes those who choose to start celebrating early with a few to many drinks).

Weather Anomalies

While you may have been watching this closely, “Mother Nature” can change rapidly.

Ill-Fitting or Cumbersome Wedding Attire

Some are not used to formal attire.  The simplest tasks—can take extra time while wearing these garments.  They may be especially challenging for children (and pets) in your wedding.

Flat Tire

Two four-letter words that speak volumes and really needs a category of its own.  Shall the bride bring tire gauges to the rehearsal dinner?  Hmmm.

Other Unforeseen Dilemmas

Change Your Time Frame

While you may not be able to control some things concerning your wedding, you can control your reaction to them by setting YOUR time frame different than the ceremony.

For instance; if your wedding is at 2:00 p.m., your time frame can be Noon-ish.  Things like pressing your wedding gown, hair, and makeup—are done much earlier leaving you time to deal with anything that may arise.  Perhaps you can get some of your wedding party to flow with this as well.

Appointing an “On-Time Commando” can help.  This may be a person or persons who can keep things in line “nicely,” but firmly.  Always remember, you are involving other people and their schedules on your dream day.

If your BFF MOH (Maid of Honor) is “fashionably-late” most of the time, try teaming her with someone who isn’t to help motivate.

This is where hiring seasoned professionals can really save time.  They have done many weddings and are prepared for mishaps if they should occur. Talk with them about late start fees while reviewing your contracts.  Complete Wedding + Events has professionals on standby for your wedding.  They are more than willing to help to insure your happiness. Remember, when your wedding starts late; it can be like a “domino” effect to the other vendors in your wedding.

When You’re Ready: Enjoy Your Wedding!

While some situations cannot be predicted, the wedding can’t start until you and your fiance are ready!  Be open to changing your plans a bit; take a deep breath (with a smile), and enjoy your wedding!


Photo Source: Pixabay.com

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