Your Wedding Contracts—What You Need to Know

What Fine Print?

Many of us have signed numerous contracts during our daily lives; but who really reads them?  With increased online technology—it’s even easier to choose: “agree to our terms,” “Opt-in,” Opt-out,” and other prompts so that we can just click and get on with our lives!  But reading and understanding contracts for one of the biggest events in your life—your wedding—is important.

Consider for a moment—the types of contracts you may encounter for your wedding:

• The wedding venue
• DJ (wedding music)
• Photography/Videography
• Reception venue (if different from wedding venue)
• Catering
• Wedding coordinator/Event planning services
• Limousine, horse-drawn carriage, or other transportation services
• Flowers, decorations, etc
• Your wedding gown/veil order, customization, bridal party, and/or fittings
• Your hair stylist (yes—they have one too!)
• Tuxedo rental
• Honeymoon services
• Live animal guests (such as doves)
• Personal legal matters (pertaining to you as a couple)
• Anything else (including a sign trailing behind an airplane above the couple!)

Sign On

It can be “mind boggling” trying to sifting through services, terms, and conditions.   Here are some things to look for when navigating through contracts that protect both the wedding couple and the vendor:

   Know if you are dealing with reputable wedding vendors. Complete Weddings + Events is a group of wedding professionals who abide by a code of ethics. You will know exactly what to expect when you go over your contract with them.  They will work together with you (and your fiance) well in advance to coordinate every detail.  This is an important distinction—that simply sets them apart from other vendors.

√   Bring the contract home to study it, or go online to view it (if you can) before you sign.

√   Most wedding contracts require a deposit. Check to see what happens to it if you have a life-changing event or postpone your wedding.

√   Know the rules about: fireworks, designated parking, smoking, and other things that may or may not be allowed.

√   Above all, contracts are legally binding. Read the fine print!


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