Hack Those Wedding Situations

Get ready for some savvy tips to help you get ahead of common things that happen concerning weddings: 


Rain:  Unexpected (and expected) downpours can cause a bride to worry about how wedding attire will hold up.  Readily available and inexpensive; a plastic paint drop cloth—can cover large areas of your wedding gown—(especially if it has a longer train). Depending on the size of the drop cloth, it can cover more than one person.  (Imagine the great pictures!).


Static Cling:  Special occasion dresses may have multiple layers.  Spraying the underside of the wedding gown—preferably the slip (or crinoline) with static spray will help. The same is true for the bridesmaids dresses.   


Headpieces On The Move: Are you worried that your headpiece and veil will fall off your head?  Try having someone add about a three inch horizontal french braid to your hairstyle—(where the comb will be).  Mist it with hair spray and cover it with your hair.  Slide comb in it for strong hold.


More on Veils:  Most brides don’t realize how much hugging people with a wedding veil on—can strain the neck.  Making the veiling detachable with velcro is a comfortable way to go.  You can leave rest of your headpiece in your hair and still have a wonderful reception look.


Scratchiness:  An adhesive bandage can be a great way to cover something such as a tag etc, on the inside of wedding attire for comfort.  (Children and pets in your wedding can benefit from this too!).  Make sure there are some on hand if needed.


Calling All Non-Staining Treats:  Calming the children in your wedding can sometimes be a daunting task; keeping them from staining their fancy wedding clothes is another.  Crackers, cheese bites, and plain muffins may help soothe hunger before the wedding begins.  (The adults in the wedding party may want to have some too!)


The Truth about the Cake:  The time-honored tradition of feeding each other your wonderful wedding cake—can leave you both a “sticky mess.”  Have someone decorate a packet of pre-moistened hand and face cloths or baby wipes in your wedding colors (and even flowers).  As well as a lovely addition to your cake area, it will be a fast and easy way to clean up and move onto your next activities. 


Flying Lipstick and Other Wayward Items:  Group everything in the bag you carry to your wedding—in a bag.  The food storage kind are great for this. You don’t have time to look for things when you are getting dressed. This is a fantastic way to keep organized just in case there’s a spill.

“Happy Planning Your Special Day!”


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