Not Choosing A Professional Photographer; A Bride Remembers

“Many years ago, my wedding planning was going perfectly when my friend made a suggestion to save me money—or so I thought.  She told me to have a photography student take my wedding pictures for class credit.  I thought—what a great idea and experience for the student who was excited about it.  It could also be chance for them to impress their teacher.  Unfortunately, I got a call on the day before my wedding.  The student I chose had something come up and could not take my pictures.  With no time to hire a pro and reduced to tears, I had to settle for pictures taken by my unprepared guests.  It was my biggest regret concerning my wedding .”


There are several reasons why brides choose not to hire a professional photographer (including the true story above).  They can be valid; but hiring a pro is a wise investment to secure unforgettable memories of your wedding day.  Here are some reasons why booking a Complete Weddings + Events Photographer—is the thing to do:

A Wedding is Not a Time to be Timid

Complete Photographers take charge in an appropriate way  They may have to direct large groups of people to get awesome pictures.  You don’t want a photographer who’s a “wall-flower,” afraid to arrange a wedding gown train, or do other things—to get the perfect shot.

About Money Well-Spent

Think about the money you may have spent on your wedding; but what about capturing the memories of all those areas you have invested in?  Complete has pricing packages and the expertise to suit your needs.

They’re Called Professionals for a Reason

Complete Photographers have invested time and education into their craft.  They constantly stay updated with the newest cutting-edge techniques, trends, and equipment.  This makes the quality of your wedding pictures something you can cherish for a lifetime

Prepared for the Unexpected

And speaking of equipment, Complete brings extra with them on the day of a wedding shoot.  They are not going to allow themselves to be compromised equipment-wise.  They even have other photographers on standby just in case.  In other words, they’ve done this many times before.

Stamina and other Preparedness

Professional photographers understand the physical and mental demands of taking pictures.  Complete photographers come dressed appropriately  and know how to pace themselves for being with you all day.  Also, they know you may be nervous about the whole day and they bring a calming effect.  They are dedicated to your happiness.  You won’t want a non-pro taking pictures who had a “hard night” before your wedding and it shows on them—and in your pictures.

Complete Weddings + Events; Creating & Capturing Lifelong Memories

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