Older is Nothing But a Number


Whether this is your first wedding or another, older brides are exciting, beautiful, and alluring at any age.

Second time older brides may not be focused on having a “princess” look.  They may want something simple, with a “pop of color,” and trainless.

However, as an older bride you may want to go “all-out” with a traditional wedding look in white or ivory.  It is totally up to you.  There is no right or wrong here.  This is your wedding and it is important that you wear what makes you feel like the lovely bride that your are.

Keep these things in mind when choosing your special look:


As with any bride, your wedding location can dictate the fabric choice for your dress.  You will need to decide from the lightest to heaviest for comfort.   You can also decide on the length of your dress as well.  If your wedding consists of just the two of you, you may not want to choose something (a dress) too difficult to handle.

Headpiece—Veil—or No Veil

You can choose to wear a veil, hat, or  flowers in your hair.  There are many choices here.  Just styling your beautiful hair is an elegant simple option.


Again, depending on location—this can direct your shoe height, ornamentation (or no shoe) choice.


Remember—Keep and open mind when dress shopping.  You may want to go alone your first time.  Brides often have one style in mind, but may choose something totally different.  If you find a dress that is almost what you want; you may be be able to have the train removed, hem shortened, or other adjustments.  

Find your special look—then go ahead—GET MARRIED!

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