Uplighting: Colors that Affect Us

Uplighting is an wonderful trend in venue decoration.  It transforms a room from plain to romantic, upbeat, or anything  in-between.

Color projection is aimed at walls, pillars, and under tables—using skillful design and technique.  Complete Weddings + Events are experts at the use of this technology.

How Color Affects Us

Think of your favorite color and how it affects you.  Changes in how you feel—is proof that color and mood are linked.  We are also visually stimulated and react to different colors.

Weddings or other special events generally center around a specific color or combination of them.  You can set the mood and tone of a venue with uniquely placed ambient uplighting.

Enlist a Professional

When planning to use uplighting at your event, the help of someone who is experienced in color design is needed.  It will ensure the effect you want and save you time and effort.  Complete Weddings + Events will schedule a personal consultation with you and make every effort to match your wedding or event color(s) according to Justin L.—manager at Complete.  He goes on to say that:

  • We have the option to sync (uplighting) to the music during the party portion of the night.  It turns the entire room into a dance club!”
  • “They are completely wireless including color matching.  They run on battery power simplifying setup and making them a minimal intrusion to the venue.”
  • “They are a great way to add a splash of color and really personalize the venue for the client!”       

Trust Complete Weddings + Events—to Color Your Event!


The photo directly above is courtesy of Adobe.

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