Wedding Makeup

Your Wedding Makeup is an important part of your overall wedding look.  It is a mixture of a color (bold or subdued) that enhances your natural beauty.  

Perhaps you may opt to do your wedding makeup yourself, or have someone else apply it.  If someone else does it, make sure they use sanitary methods to avoid breakouts, etc. 

This is a time of pampering and prepping for your special day.  Leave yourself enough time to get the look you want.  Doing a trial run before your wedding can be especially helpful.

Here are some things to consider:

Brows and eyelashes have come a long way.  You can fill in skimpy brows with kits specially designed for enhancement.  Eyelashes are a continuing trend and come in many shapes and varieties.  You can skip the mascara and add a pair.

Eyeliner can be extended outward for a dramatic look. It comes in smooth gel pencils and felt-tip pens—gone are the days of dryness and drag across your eyelid.

Eyeshadows come in many deeply pigmented colors as well as nudes to enhance the shape of your eye.  Don’t forget your eyelid crease to give definition.

Blush continues to be important depending on how you want to contour your cheek area.  

Foundations and facial powder come in several consistencies to give you that “airbrushed” look.  Bronzers can add a “tan-like” glow if you like.

Lip colors and liners range from the boldest of bolds—to nude. Matte texture or glossy—it’s up to you.

Waterproof versions of your makeup choices make your look—cry and perspiration-proof.

No matter what and how much makeup you choose on your wedding day, you should feel natural and pretty for your pictures.


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