Groomzilla: A Groom in Reverse

Just the mere mention of the word “Bridezilla,” makes some people shudder.  Many have stories of a bride who for one reason or another—has become “unraveled.” Although less common, some grooms have entered into this category and have earned the name: “Groomzilla.”  

Planning The Greatest Wedding on Earth

Weddings over the years have transpired into real-life adventures.  Some weddings are small and intimate—while some are celebrations of epic proportions.  They exhibit a unique showcasing of the bride and groom’s tastes—well—maybe not the groom’s in some cases.  There is pressure to oversee every detail of this big day to make sure everything is perfect. But, balancing work, family, bosses, friends, and a bride flipping out—can make a groom flip out too.

What’s A Guy To Do?

Some grooms are content with letting the bride and others plan the wedding.  They may give some input, but they are perfectly happy to do what they are told—and in some cases—pay for what they need to.  However, some grooms are having more to say about how they want things including: colors, invitations, and how the wedding gown should look.  And for some brides, it’s just too much.

Some Categories for Thought

I have comprised some categories of groom behaviour.  This is by no means—all inclusive: 

The “Evasive Groomzilla”:  This guy means wants to help when it comes to planning the wedding; however, other tasks simply get in the way—repeatedly.  He may offer instead—a back-rub, flowers, and other soothing things instead of completing wedding tasks.  It may create a “get mad then make up cycle” with the bride—that goes on until the wedding.

The “Fitness Freak Groomzilla” simply has to connect his wedding to-do-list with sweat in the gym.  The bride just wants things done and have everything perfect while this groom is more concerned about getting great abs for the wedding.

The “I Just Wanna Get Married Groomzilla”  has pretty much “had it” will all the fuss and sees no problem moving the wedding venue to city hall.  This groom may need a “group hug” from his friends at some point.  

And They Got Married—Happily Ever After 

If you find yourself bickering about your wedding, take a breather from the planning for a while.  Try adding more comfortable, familiar, and unique aspects to your wedding attire and venue(s).  

Seek wedding professionals who can offer expert advice.  Stick to tasks that won’t drive you crazy.  Remember, this is supposed to be a happy time for you both!


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