6 Wedding Dress Questions Answered


It may very well be—the most expensive dress you will ever wear.  It may take hours, days, or months to find it.  You may find that your likes and dislikes concerning this dress may differ greatly from others.  We are talking about a coveted garment for one of the most important days of your life; your wedding.  

Here—we will examine some questions that brides have:

1. Should I Wear White or Ivory?

Some brides ponder this.  White is considered a symbol of tradition.  Ivory has been a symbol of being married previously and some older brides feel more comfortable in it.  But times have changed—and the color (or accent color) choices of a wedding dress are endless and have evolved into a matter of preference.

2. How Far Out Should I Start Looking for my Wedding Dress?

Start as early as you can—establish a date, location, and budget.  Some locations are unsuitable for certain wedding dresses.  A bride may feel that this shopping trip won’t take long, but soon may be confronted with hundreds of choices from magazines, the internet, runway shows, and celebrity weddings.  Suggestions from friends and family may enter in.  If you have dreamed of a certain type of dress for a long time, keep your mind open to new choices.  

3. What Should I Bring With Me When Trying on Wedding Dresses?

It would be wise to bring a good—supportive—strapless bra, a heel height similar to what you want for your wedding, and a flower bouquet (if you plan to carry one).  This will give you a good idea how you are going to actually look from every angle in the bridal salon.  The salon will also have slips for you to try on for fullness if needed.  It’s a good idea to stash hand wipes, a granola bar (or other snacks) in your purse to snack on outside or in your car.  It can get exhausting trying sifting through choices and you may need a break.

4. How Many Opinions Should I Have in this Process?

“The more the merrier,” may not be the motto here. Bringing someone who’s had an unpleasant wedding experience is not a good idea.  You should limit opinions to a few you can trust once you have narrowed your choices.  Otherwise, shopping for your dream dress can turn into a nightmare with surprising verbal exchanges and hurt feelings.

5. Why Are Some Wedding Dresses Expensive, Stiff, and Heavy?

First, this special garment may have an incredible amount of craftsmanship in it.  Hand sewn bead work, specialty fabrics, and designer touches—can increase the cost.  Second, in order to maintain the shape and design of the dress, special stiff fabrics (and/or boning) may be added (especially in strapless creations).  Lastly, there are really at least two dresses involved here: the outside and the lining(s); this can add to the weight.  Also, consider that fact that our modern day wardrobes consist of stretchy, loose—styles.  When you put on a wedding gown, it can be constricting and downright uncomfortable until you get used to the feel of it.  This is were a qualified bridal consultant and seamstress work together to increase comfort inside and out.

6. How Do I know When “I’ve Found the One?

Many might answer this by saying that tears of joy begin to flow including from those who see it before the wedding.  Your wedding dress; even though it might be a bit different than you thought, should be reflection of you as the beautiful bride that you are!

Happy Shopping!


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