Small Weddings Can Be Big On Details

A young bride-to-be stood up to her family in deciding to have a “small” wedding.  But are small weddings so bad?  Many times, when people think of a wedding of smaller proportions; they think that the couple is trying to save money.  This may or may not be the case.  

Here are some reasons why smaller weddings are popular; make more sense; and are necessary:

The couple simply has a small circle of friends.  It’s ok to invite 1000 of your closest friends to your wedding. Inviting 100 or so, is just as acceptable.  It’s all about who you feel comfortable in sharing this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The wedding venue can only accommodate a certain number of guests.  This is simple and to the point.  If you have your heart set on somewhere smaller in size, trying to go bigger may end up making you feel “just ok’ about your wedding.  Who wants to feel “just ok” about their wedding.

It’s a destination wedding.  Some friends and family will travel with you to your dream location; some cannot.  Perhaps some will even consider your wedding as a vacation for themselves.  It just depends on where the wedding will be held.  

Impending inclement weather, ill relatives or friends, and other unavoidable situations.  You cannot predict certain things, especially if your wedding is many months or even a year or more away.  Your wedding could end up in a place you had not even thought of.  

You’ve been to a “big wedding” and had a bad experience.  Depending on what the experience was, this may sway your wedding size decision.  Something can go—not quite right at any wedding.  It’s all about planning and being realistic.

Someone else is contributing financially to your choices.  This happens at times and it’s perfectly fine to compromise and perhaps do other elements in your wedding “bigger.”


It’s Your Wedding

This concept is sometimes the hardest thing for couples (and others) to grasp.  If you don’t want a big wedding with lots of bridesmaids and groomsmen; it’s ok.  Others have had their weddings like they wanted; now it’s your turn.


This may sound like a class assignment; but it’s wisdom.  Why spend your time with a vendor who isn’t reputable, inexperienced, or difficult to work with.  Companies such as Complete Weddings + Events—specializes in creating wedding brilliance.  They have contingent plans concerning your wedding so you don’t have to.  They have packages to suit your needs making them a sound choice.  Professionals are can save you money and headaches.  

Make Your Small Wedding—Detail Rich

Focus on making your wedding special by adding rich details and personal touches.  Give gifts to your guests, add intimate lighting or uplighting,  surround yourself with beautiful scenery or an unexpected background.  Seat your guests in a circle around you for a fun twist on traditional expectations.  Your guests and family are there because they want to share this moment with you—and you want to share it with them—no matter how many attend.

Most importantly, have fun and have it your way!


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